Oh, So Bowtiful!

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When my daughter Eloise was born she had a head full of hair so by the time she was 6 months old, her fringe was so long and getting in the way of her vision as it covered her eyes.

So I asked my husband to give her fringe a little trim and when he was done, she had no fringe left! LOL! As you can imagine I was completely shocked at the result of her new hairdo.

I quickly hopped online to find some accessories to cover it up and I came across some large bows that would help cover up her fringe. When they arrived I tried them on her and she looked beautiful. The type of bow I had always used to clip in her hair was the Eloise bow (we have this available in our store) it was just the perfect size for any outfit or occasion, and yes, that was how we came up with the name for the bow - we named it after her.

Adding a bow to your child’s hair will make her stand out for any occasion. Our bows come with a simple yet effective alligator clip, this makes getting ready so quick and easy, as we know no child likes to sit longer than a few seconds to get their hair done.

We have taken some photos to show you how you can style your child’s hair with the different bows that we have online.

Eloise wearing the pair of our Aiva Bows on her pig-tails


Eloise wearing one of our Eloise Bows clipped in the middle of her hair


Eloise wearing one of our Eloise Bows clipped to the side


Eloise wearing one of our Savvy Bows clipped to the side


All of our bows come in a variety of colours, to see our full range of hair accessories, click here.

Thank you for viewing our blog!

- Monica xx

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