Adventure to the Sunflower Fields

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Our Adventure to the Sunflower Fields

Every morning and afternoon during drop off and pick up time at childcare my daughter says "Mummy, flowers please", asking to look at the flowers in the garden. My husband and I could really see how much she loves flowers so we decided to surprise her by taking her for a road trip to Southern Queensland Country-side to see the field of sunflowers while they are in season.

To see the field of sunflowers you must take the sunflower route from Warwick to Allora via New England Highway.  Silly us, we drove up from Allora to Warwick few times via the Warwick-Allora Road to look for the fields but only saw fields of cows and corn! Ha-ha!. We were lost for 1.5hrs and drove around pointlessly, but hey it's all a part of the adventure! 

We then decided to take an alternative route on New England Highway driving past Glengallan, half way between Warwick and Allora, and here at last, we finally found the sunflower fields!

As we slowly drove past them we were a bit disappointed to see the fields were a dull grey and the flowers were withering away.  

We really wanted to see them, so we drove in further to see if there were any flowers still in full bloom. We were so fortunate to see just one field left full of bright yellow, we were all so full of excitement and delight, my daughter pointed and said "flower!". 

There they are! A sea of yellow sunflowers flooded the landscape - it was the most picturesque and beautiful scenery.









My daughter excitedly ran through the fields in the most perfect dresses for summer with her cute yellow bow.

She had the best afternoon admiring the beautiful Sunflowers.

Photos by my husband


I hope you enjoyed the photos from our little adventure.

- Monica xx


The dresses can easily be slipped on and the bow is a clip on. You can shop for these looks in the clothing and accessories tab, her outfit details are below.

Outfit details:
Dresses: Summer Dress & Rosie Dress (Yellow)
Hair Accessory: Eloise Bow (Yellow)

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